Kevin On - Chinatown Service Center Youth Council Member

Written by student producer Mabel Chan

The Chinese Confucius Temple of Los Angeles on Yale Street is really a Chinese School. I have been attending Chinese school since I was in first grade. This year is my last and tenth year of attending this school. In Chinese School, more opportunities have been opened for me, including being involved in writing competitions and speeches. I interviewed a fellow student Kevin On, who has been a student at the Chinese Confucius Temple School since kindergarten. There, he dedicated his Sundays to learning about the Chinese language and culture. It has brought him closer to his Chinese heritage and he appreciates the experience. However, now as a sophomore in high school, Kevin too will be leaving the school. He feels that it interferes with his public school work and social life. I learned it is important for both Kevin and I, to learn about Confucian morals because we are Chinese born in America.

Chinese School

"Chinese school, it teaches the language and the arts of Chinese."


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