Lawrence Scarpa: Architect

Over the last two years, Pugh-Scarpa, the architectural firm of Lawrence Scarpa, has been bestowed with every imaginable national and international architectural award. This, comes as no surprise; for its work, some of which pioneered LEED-certified design in the US, employs new materials, forms and methods of construction that are setting new standards. Pugh-Scarpa integrates green elements into the final design and schematic of its work, boldly announcing that a new instance of architecture has arrived - in Venice.


"If you look at the history, there is a wealth of creativity that's either passed through Venice, or still remains here."


Scarpa On His Home
"For us, to live outdoors was the ultimate dream, and here we could do that. Our house really is the inside and the outside blurred as one space. Its a way of thinking that's important to us, where you coexist with the neighborhood, with the environment. Our house is designed passively, to be energy efficient."


Last Community of Color
"Venice is the last neighborhood of color by the beach. No question about it, and some people do want to change that."



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