Let My People Vote: Registering Voters in Del Norte County



The Power of Stories is an archive of projects submitted every year to Building Healthy Communities (BHC) Statewide Convening. It showcases work created throughout California highlighting the power of individual and collective efforts to promote health and demonstrates how stories have the power to re-imagine and transform our communities. Produced in partnership with the California Endowment.

Project submitted by: The True North Community Organizing Network

Project summary: The video highlights youth as leaders of change, working to lift up the voices of historically marginalized communities (through voter registration.)

BHC site: Del Norte


The True North Community Organizing Network is a group of people with common values united across Tribal Lands, Del Norte, and Humboldt Counties--Families, elders, youth, and individuals of diverse faith traditions, races, cultures, and economic capacities. This organization supports everyday people working together, using the power of relationships and a disciplined community organizing model to courageously address the most pressing problems affecting our communities.



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