Lewis MacAdams: L.A. River Activist and Poet

Lewis MacAdams is a poet, journalist, filmmaker, political activist and one of the Los Angeles River's most influential advocates. He is co-founder of the Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR), which was born from a piece of performance art in 1985. FoLAR is now a non-profit organization whose mission is to revitalize and restore the L.A. River. The organization leads the annual river clean up, also known as La Gran Limpieza, and has been a vital player in efforts to reclaim the river and develop more open, green space. MacAdams is the current president of FoLAR and served as Chair of the Board of Directors for over twenty years. He calls his work for the river a "40 Year Art Work" to bring the river "back to life" through revitalization and education.


Environmentalism and Art
From Northern California to Los Angeles, Lewis MacAdams applies his political activism to the Los Angeles River.


The birth of a 40 year life project - Friends of the Los Angeles River.


Poetry and the River
To make a start our of particulars and make them general, rolling up the sum by defective means.


It is a River
On how to make visible the invisible river.



Originally published January 21, 2011


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