Lloyd Wilkins - Home Owner and Former School Teacher


Lloyd Wilkins has been a property owner in Richland Farms since the 1960's, he owns two merged lots including rental homes and stables where he raises Tennessee Walking Horses. An 'old school' political provocateur, Wilkins is actively engaged in the community and papers his neighborhood with fliers declaring and informing residents of their rights. He attends city council meetings and often provokes its members with slightly abusive accusations of corruption, negligence and nepotism. And although Wilkins sees great potential in Richland Farms, history has taught him that government imposition is the best recipe for disaster.

A Brief History of Richland Farms
The highest pinnacle of a profession should be social service.


Shady Politics in the Farms
Nobody knows that there are roosters and cows, horses and goats in the middle of Compton.


Fighting Corruption
The present politicians in Compton, Bell and beyond are not there for the people.


Eating your Own
Some residents in Richland Farms own 100k + horses. This is NOT a working class community.


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