Lois Webb: Executive Director, Tech Team Computer Learning Center

At California and Electric Avenue is the Vera Davis McClendon Youth and Family Center, formerly the Venice Library that which provides a public space for non-profit organizations for only a dollar per year. The Tech Team, developed and run by Lois Webb and Vicki Landers, provides free computing education like basic typing instruction to building computers and creating web sites from scratch. It has serviced more than 3,500 of the local youth and adults, affording them the ability to become more competitive in the job market.


Tech Team
"We've had at least 3,500 young people go through here to start the courses and we've had spectacular outcomes. They're all working, they all have technical jobs - they're not a statistic any more.


About Injunctions
"They can't hang out with any known gang members, but they all have the same relatives. Basically, they're saying you can't associate with your own family."


A Sense of Respect
"One of two things is going to happen: the people who move are going to actually catch the spirit of Venice and participate in making it a community for all people, or they're going to leave."


A Success Story
"These are the kind of outcomes we want; make an intelligent decision about your own life and stop relying on the city and the county and the state."



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