Mapping the Untold Stories of Little Tokyo

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Departures is gearing up for production on the story of Little Tokyo, one of Los Angeles' oldest neighborhoods and the nucleus of Japanese American history in Southern California. We're exploring the shifting dynamics of the community starting from its inception in the 1880s, and have been introducing ourselves to various stakeholders in the community.

Part of our exploration includes mapping important places that reflect the shifts and characteristics of the neighborhood. To better construct the narrative, we invite you, the community, to share stories, memories, and places of interest that you find important to include in the story of Little Tokyo.

Using the form below, send us any story or ideas that may help tell the story of Little Tokyo. Which places in the area are important to you, and why? Do you have any stories that relate to the neighborhood? Your contribution will help to enrich this upcoming installment of Departures!

To give you ideas to get you started, we've mapped a few locations that help shape our developing Little Tokyo narrative. Click on an icon in the map above to learn more, and don't forget to share your own story via the form below.

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center | Photo by Emily Bates/KCET

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