Maywood Riverfront Park


Play the L.A. River is a come-one-come-all project by the arts collective Project 51 -- a collective of L.A. River-loving artists, designers, planners, writers, educators -- that invites Angelenos to explore, enjoy, reclaim, and reimagine the mighty L.A. River as a grand civic space that can green and connect our communities.


CARD: 2 of South

SITE: 59th Place + Walker Avenue, Maywood, 90270

Like the playground, creek, sports fields and fab entrance gate? Once factories, this 2008 park has more than doubled Maywood's park space.

Formerly a superfund site due to contaminates from the former Pemaco Maywood chemical mixing plant, the site has been renovated with a 3.5-acre park, serving one of the park poorest communities in Los Angeles. From here, a roughly 16-mile bike ride along the L.A. River will take you all the way to Long Beach.

Photo: Justin Cram/KCET Departures
Photo: Justin Cram/KCET Departures

How do you play the L.A. River at Maywood Riverfront Park? Tell us by leaving a comment below or here.

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