Mia Lehrer: Urban Growth and the L.A. River

Mia Lehrer's career began with design for private clientele, but evolved into participation in the public sphere as she became more involved with social and environmental efforts to clean the river. Her firm, Mia Lehrer and Associates, has participated in two projects to green and renew the L.A. river, the L.A. Revitalization Plan and Piggyback Yard. Piggyback Yard represents the efforts of the Friends of the L.A. River and four architecture firms united by the common goal to transform a shipping container storage yard owned by Union Pacific Railroad into green, open space. Lehrer sees urban planning as a tool to improve environmental and social issues and the L.A. River is the perfect opportunity to exercise this vision.


The LA River as Integrator
Urban Growth and the LA River


Public Gardens
Landscape architecture and urban development


Failed Master Plan
Mia Lehrer on the legacy of the Olmsted Plan

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