Mike Newhouse: Venice Neighborhood Council

In Los Angeles, neighborhood councils give residents a voice. President of the Venice neighborhood council Mike Newhouse mediates these meetings, doing his best to keep personal opinions to himself. Laws passed by city council often have little to do with the neighborhood they represent and many opinions differ over issues of privacy, parking, and homelessness. Whether or not, Newhouse agrees with the final proposals, he is satisfied by the overall process, and continues to remain active in the council.


About the Neighborhood Council
"From what I've seen our participation is very high, almost abnormally high on a consistent basis."


On Chain Stores
"I think most people agree pretty strongly that we'd like to see locally owned "mom n' pop" type shops, and restaurants serving the community."


On Fences
"I think there's something to be said for a community that has no high fences. I think it is easier to build community, it is easier for neighbors to know each other and to feel comfortable melding the private and public space in one when you either have a short fence of no fence at all..."


On Homeless and Parking
"Traditionally its been a very tolerant community for people that aren't traditionally housed."



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