Mouse, a Transient Resident: It's A Dog Eat Dog World

Like the covered wagons of the American Old West, updated versions of metal "boxes" with wheels have taken to the streets of Venice. Most RV's, park on main streets or pay to access lots by the beach. The vehicles are viewed as eyesores and are not welcomed by most residents. Some tend to be old and weathered, while others may litter or dump waste. 'RV-ers' try to to be respectful to avoid being hassled by police and trying to survive is by no means glamorous - as Mouse puts it, it's a dog eat dog world.


Dog Eat Dog
My name is Mouse and this is home in Venice, California. I've been here for two years and I originally came here because this was a safe haven for the homeless. For some reason during the summer time a lot of the traveling kids tend to flock here so I see a lot of people from my past and I meet a lot of interesting people and this is probably the best in California for a culture shock."


The Glam Life
"I guess the hardest thing about living in an RV is - When most people walk into their house at night and need to turn on a light you've gotta flip a switch. When I walk into my house at night and I need to turn on a light, I gotta haul that thing out, turn a key, plug a cord in, and then turn on a light."



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