Munson Kwok: Chinatown Advocate and Community Leader

One cannot mention Chinatown without referencing one of its most ardent advocates and community leaders, Munson A. Kwok. Throughout his years of public service, he has presided over every imaginable Chinese American organization, including the Chinese Citizen Alliance, the Chinese Historical Society, the Chinese Benevolent Consolidated Association, and the Chinese American Museum, to name just a few. In fact, it was Kwok who gave us the key to understanding the rich, varied and contradictory history of Chinatown by introducing us to those who have made it their lifeblood. We sat down with Munson A. Kwok to discuss the the need and civic importance of "reconnecting" the neighborhood - Chinatown - to the Los Angeles River.


A Link Between Chinatown and the River
Munson Kwok describes Chinatown's desire for access to the LA River


Chinatowns ad the L.A. River
Munson Kwok discusses the original Chinatown and its proximity to the river.


Discovering the River
Munson Kwok is an advocate for the Chinese community on both national and local levels.


Bettering the Community
Heightened advocacy of the LA River will enrich the community.

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