Muscle Beach: Bodybuilding Along the Sand

Muscle Beach is an outdoor gym frequented by spectating tourists and some of the world's best bodybuilders. Managing Muscle Beach isn't just a job for Joe Wheatley. He wakes up some nights and reaches for his notebook to jot down an idea. Wheatley has immense respect for the athletes and history of Muscle Beach. To attest, Wheatley has created a "hall of fame" that includes a series of metal plaques that circle the perimeter of the gym, honoring the likes of Joe Weider, Dave Draper, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


A Brief History
"It all started back in 1934 with simply a four-by-four piece of carpet they would lay out on the sand... The first group of performers that used Muscle Beach were gymnasts... then came power lifters, and then bodybuilders. The groups didn't understand each other."



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