New Voices: New Faces In Los Angeles Muralism

Art thrives when legacy sows the seeds for inspiration. Today, young artists inspired by SPARC and other pioneering muralists are continuing the legacy of muralism in Los Angeles with new avenues of approach.

As a boy David Russell visited the Great Wall of Los Angeles and was awed by its colossal breadth as a resounding testament to the heights of artistic creation. Such inspiration led him to become a muralist and later co-founder, along with fellow L.A. muralist Robert Del Hoyo, of the Mobile Mural Lab.

The Lab, a re-appropriated Search and Rescue Vehicle that serves as a mobile space for public art and education, was conceived in response to Los Angeles' neglect of public art and murals like the Great Wall. Bringing a mode of creative production to the streets, Russell and Del Hoyo hope the Lab will drive young artists to find their voice to express who they are and what they mean to their community.

The restoration process was both a new beginning for the Wall and for young artists like Wenceslao Quiroz and Holly Crawford. Working with painters whom they admired growing up, they gained a new appreciation for murals and the artists behind them. Artist Raul Gonzalez cites the opportunity to learn from original muralists like Judith F. Baca as an integral part of educating the craft to those who will continue it. A former tagger, today Raul is involved with Mictlan Murals, an organization dedicated to workshops and public art programs that serve the community.

With organizations like Mictlan Murals, the Mobile Mural Lab, and all the artists inspired by the Great Wall, a new voice in muralism is emerging: one that's not only beholden to the teachings of the muralist that sparked the proliferation of public art, but also looks forward to a future when murals are ingrained into the fabric of our daily lives.


Wenceslao Quiroz: Unity Without Ego
Artist Wenceslao Quiroz addresses the unifying power of the experience of working on the Great Wall.


Raul Gonzalez: Learning and Restoring
Artist Wenceslao Quiroz addresses the unifying power of the experience of working on the Great Wall.


Roberto del Hoyo: Engaging the Youth
Visual artist Roberto del Hoyo speaks about creating the Mobile Mural Lab and the goals of youth education.


David Russell: Inspiriation for LIfe's Work
Mobile Mural Lab Co-Coordinator David Russell recounts seeing the Great Wall when he was young and being inspired to be a muralist.



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