Non-governmental Organizations

Understanding the social ecology and connectivity of our cities and its watershed, organizations such as Heal the Bay, the Watershed Council, and the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy (to name a few) have begun aggressively in their campaigns to restore the creek. Education reform being the most pressing issue during the civil-rights movement of the 21st Century, over the last decade health care and access to green space have become central topics of the debate around the revitalization of inner cities such as Compton. Today, watershed efforts are beginning to take off (and pay off) in small and big ways, ranging from community gardens and recycling programs to multimillion dollar urban revitalization plans.

Challenges for Revitalization
Hydraulics and mechanics of the creek contribute to the concerns around flooding.


Possible Revitalization Solutions
Hydraulics and materials contribute to some reasons that flow around future uses of the creek.


Clean Water Act
"I think everybody is behind the river..."


Location dynamics are such that both help and hurt the make-up of Compton Creek.


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