NPR Features Compton's Richland Farms

Video by KCET Departures student producers

"This is Compton. No Dre, no Cube, no guns, no gangsters. It doesn't fit the story we all know," said host Guy Raz of NPR's Weekend All Things Considered, which on Sunday featured a Southland neighborhood close to the hearts of many here at KCET. Richland Farms is the long-lasting agricultural pocket of Compton. About 10 square blocks in size, the community practices a type of sustainability from yesteryear and has seen racial change throughout the years: white, African-American and now a growing Latino population.

Richland Farms was extensively documented in KCET's Departures, a oral history and interactive documentary project, and staff assisted NPR in their story. For those familiar with the Departures installment, you'll recognize it as a mini who's who of the neighborhood: Tomas Carlos, Rachel Surls, Yvonne Arcenaux and Mayisha Akbar.

Check out NPR's segment here.

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