Outpost For Contemporary Art

Outpost for Contemporary Art is part of the burgeoning scene of galleries and artist-run spaces popping up throughout Northeast Los Angeles. Founded by Julie Deamer in 2004, this cultural outpost produces cross-cultural exchanges and interdisciplinary projects that blur the boundaries between art, social practice, and public life. Devoted to building bridges between local communities and the larger global landscape, Outpost has organized its programs into thematic and geographic cycles supporting innovative, socially engaged artists who utilize public spaces, temporary venues, and collaborative methods of production.

KCET Departures had an opportunity to partner with Outpost on its Latin American cycle, focusing on the work of Ecuadorian artist X Andrade and his Full Dollar Project.


The Mission
Julie Deamer describes gallery culture in Los Angeles in the 1990s as motivation for the collective and its programs.


The Program's Cycles
Julie Deamer describes working with artists from different backgrounds, from Chicago to Eastern Europe.


Full Dollar Collection of Contemporary Art
Julie Deamer explains the ideas and concepts behind the Full Dollar Collection of Contemporary Art.

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