Peter Ng - Chinese Benevolent Consolidated Association

During the years that early Los Angeles' Chinese immigrants had neither social services nor political representation, the community's benevolent affiliations helped to promote and protect the city's Chinese population. Today, celebrating its 120th anniversary, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) brings together many of these older associations. Peter Ng, the Association's charismatic leader (and former President), sat with us to discuss the meaning and purpose of these family associations and their role in 21st century Los Angeles. Mr. Ng also opened up to us about the secret nature of L.A. Tongs and the Chinatown underworld.

About Chinese Family Associations

"The reasons behind the need for Chinese family associations."


Chinese Immigrants and Mainland China

"Experiences between countries informed immigrants of new opportunities and advantages within both places."

Support Systems

"Peter describes the support systems for the newly arrived immigrants whose families are sometimes too busy to be able to help them."


"Open yet privatized, the organization that call themselves Tongs are welcoming to anyone, and widely misunderstood because of their secrecy."

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