Photo of the Week: Joe's Mini Market



While researching the history and culture of sign painting in Highland Park, we have explored and documented the facades of local businesses on York Blvd. Many illustrations associated with the signs we see feature an impressive amount of detail and care. From classic sign paintings reminiscent of ad culture from the 1960's to the modern graffiti style of print, we are starting to understand the different personalities of each restaurant, shop, or service we photograph.

Joe's Mini Market (5200 York Boulevard) is a great example of a store with walls that distinctly reflect what kind of business it is. Detailed depictions of grocery items cover the walls and are a friendly invite to passersby - there's even a small mural of the Virgin Mary with "Joe's Mini Market" scripture painted on the side of the wall.

Thankfully the artists left their names and phone number under their work, and we will be contacting Alex, Randy, and Saul about possibly working with the Full Dollar Collection.

Click here to view the full set of photos on Flickr to see more of Joe's Mini Market and other businesses.

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