Photos: L.A. River Ramble With The Los Angeles Urban Rangers

Urban Rangers at the River Ramble

On Thursday, August 4th, Departures participated in the L.A. River Ramble, presented by the Los Angeles Urban Rangers in conjunction with MOCA's Engagement Party. Rangers led urban hikers on a night of exploration along America's most famous forgotten river, and we were there with our production crew to collect stories of their experiences.

Over 30 urban hikers stopped by our booth to tell us a bit about their hike. Many were walking the L.A. River for the first time and were impressed by the beauty of it all, in spite of its reputation as being merely a concrete storm drain. Most agreed that the river should be a public space where we can enjoy a little bit of nature in the urban center of the city.

In the upcoming weeks we will be posting the video interviews right here on our site. For now, here's a behind the scenes look at how the event unfolded:

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