Photos of the Week: Art Tapia

Last week we featured our interview with muralist and sign painter Art Tapia. Now we take a closer look at his works, along with answers to a few questions we asked about his work.

Mural by Art Tapia

1. Why did you become a sign painter?
It all started when my friends the public began to appreciate and recognize my art. That gave me this force to try to enhance and create figures and designs that would amaze everyone. When I felt that I was making a difference with something unique, that's what inspired me to create.

2. How much creativity is allowed in commercial sign painting?
It really depends on the business who would like the work done. When they give me the go ahead to paint and design what I feel, there is no limit to my creativity and my unique thoughts. But when they are specific about the way the work should be done, it's not difficult for me to meet their expectations.

Mural by Art Tapia

3. What is your most memorable project and why?
I've done many projects, there really isn't one in particular that is memorable or touching. Maybe there will be a project soon that will be memorable. Hopefully with the Full Dollar project, I will have some great experiences.

4. How do you feel when you see your own work around the city?
When I see my work around Los Angeles a BIG smile comes upon my face. The first thoughts in my mind is my past--I've been through so much in life, I'm thankful and proud to say that I've been able to overcome all the negativity and accomplish my dreams. I'm excited and blessed to have come this far with my artwork.

Sign by Art Tapia

5. If you could tell someone to check out one sign that isn't your own, what would it be and why?
The MAC is the best i've seen so far. His work is so amazing. The figures and colors he uses is great. This guy has also come a long way. I'm glad a lot of people have noticed his talent. He would definitely be my #1 pick to introduce his artwork to others.

Cartoon character incorporated into a store sign

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