Photos of the Week: Brad Dutsch

Sign by Brad Dutsch

In our interview with artist and sign painter Brad Dutsch, he talked a bit about the process of his work and his desire to teach the values of painting to young children. Now he shares with us examples of his work. Starting this week, we will be presenting the Q&A with each artist in our Photo of the Week posts.

1. Why did you become a sign painter?
While in college I had done some artwork and signage for friends, but had yet to apply my artwork on buildings. When I saw the opportunity for people to see my artwork everyday and realized it was an industry, and had fun in the process, it attracted me more. So that was the beginning.

2. How much creativity is allowed in commercial sign painting?
I believe the possibilities are almost limitless. I'm sure the more aesthetics and attention to detail depends on the client's budget. But sometimes there's simple ways of resolving things for less money.

3. What is your most memorable project and why?
Jose Fernandez, a fellow artist and a good friend of mine asked me to paint a replica of an old advertisement by Alfonse Muccha from the late 1800s. He had me put it on the floor of the entryway to his house. He always gets comments on it and people remember me as the guy who painted his floor. The design work of Alfonse Muccha is inspiring for any generation.

100 Years of Flight Mural by Brad Dutsch

4. How do you feel when you see your own work around the city?
I feel glad that it's still there and that people still enjoy it.

5. If you could tell someone to check out one sign that isn't your own what would it be and why?
I can't remember the exact location, but I believe it was somewhere on the east end of Sunset Boulevard. The signage would pop out and grab you but the imagery around it was extremely innovative. It was very impressive.

Painting by Brad Dutsch

Images provided by Brad Dutsch.

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