Photos of the Week: Kimberley "The Window Goddess" Edwards

The Window Goddess with her companion

For the next few weeks, instead of showcasing hand-painted signs in Highland Park, we will shift our focus to the sign painters that are participating in the project. First off we have Kimberley Edwards, known as the Window Goddess. Based in Atwater Village, Kimberley has worked with many types of businesses, including restaurants, galleries, and film productions.

She provided a caption for each photo, in which she explains the project and the methods she used to paint the sign. Enjoy, and stay tuned for our interview with Kimberley.


"This is an A-frame chalk menu board for a wonderful family owned restaurant downtown called Chano's. I just recently expanded into chalk work, and I really enjoy it. It tends to be on a smaller, scale that I can usually do at home, but it has more of the loose, freehand quality of window splash as opposed to the more detailed precision of painted sign work."


"This was a window splash that I did for a LACE show called HollywoodMerchmArt, curated by artist Emma Gray. The theme of the show was artist-created Hollywood souvenirs such as postcards, t-shirts and sculptures, and I was to create a window splash to give the gallery the appearance of a gaudy boulevard souvenir shop."

Trader Joe's

"A Thanksgiving holiday window splash for Trader Joe's in Pasadena. Trader Joe's employs such amazing sign artists in all of their stores, and I always felt compelled to live up to that standard and try to make every piece that I ever did for them better than the last."

Everything You Want Right Now

"I did this window splash for the Steve Lambert show at the Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown called "Everything You Want, Right Now." Mr. Lambert created a collection of pieces based upon signage in the Los Angeles area. He wanted a quintessential, bargain basement window splash, only better, a very classic, retro ad look for the front of the gallery. Christopher Knight of the LA Times had this to say about my contribution: "The strongest element of the exhibition is the group of signs commercially painted on the gallery's storefront window at the artist's behest. They give the art space the look of a discount emporium - a witty frame for the once-bullish art market's currently bearish hibernation."

You Don't Have to Lie to Kick It

"Another gallery window splash, this one for the Patrick Martinez show called "You Don't Have To Lie To Kick It" at Upper Playground / FIFTY24LA. "

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