Pischon Jones and Barbershop: Losing the Neighborhood Feel

Originally next to Glencrest BBQ on Abbot Kinney - Pischon was forced to relocate his barbershop due to rent hikes. In his opinion, Abbot Kinney was changed from Washington Boulevard, to accommodate the shift towards a more touristy commercial strip. Chain stores like Pinkberry have begun to appear on the boulevard despite protests from the locals. Jones is disappointed, and relishes the days when locals would play dominoes and chat outside his barbershop. His barbershop is currently located on the south side of Venice Boulevard behind an income tax office.


Neighborhood Barbershop
"I keep my prices on a low community level because I like dealing with my clients more than as just a customer. They're more of a friend, than a customer."


On Abbot Kinney
"I'm kinda lucky to a sense, cus' I have a barber shop and I run my barbershop like a person who grew up and was raised in the community."



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