Pueblos Unidos Of The Family Reynaga - Jocie Reynaga

As told by student producer Mariela Bautista

Jocie Reynaga moved to Richland Farms in the late-nineties with her family and purchased her ranch which she calls "Pueblos Unidos." Born in Mexico, Jocie came to the United States looking for a place similar to her rural hometown. Richland Farms has become that place. She feels she has been able to raise her family in the same way she would in Mexico. Her entire family lives at "Pueblos Unidos" where they raise horses, show ponies, and chickens. Jocie loves living in Richland Farms where her neighbors are like family, and the community helps one another. Like many of her neighbors, Jocie has been able to replicate pieces of her homeland in Richland Farms.

About Pueblos Unidos
We train horses and teach them how to dance. It's part of our Mexican blood.


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