Red Car River Park


Play the L.A. River is a come-one-come-all project by the arts collective Project 51 -- a collective of L.A. River-loving artists, designers, planners, writers, educators -- that invites Angelenos to explore, enjoy, reclaim, and reimagine the mighty L.A. River as a grand civic space that can green and connect our communities.


CARD: 7 of Glendale Narrows

SITE: 3600 Ferncroft Roard, Los Angeles 90039

RIP, Pacific Electric streetcars. Hello, a mural and a pocket park at the ruins of an old Red Car bridge.

Located in the shadow of the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge, this pocket park is the gateway to the commercial heart of Atwater Village on Glendale Boulevard. One of the old bridge's pylons is painted with a mural depicting the train that once crossed over the Glendale Narrows -- one of the most attractive sections of the L.A. River and one quite at odds with the image of a paved channel. After you was nostalgic about how things used to be, carefully navigate across the soon-to-be renovated (but still dangerous) bridge and find your way to Sunnynook River Park, a calm slice of nature in an otherwise busy stretch of the L.A. River Bike Path that runs adjacent to the 5 Freeway. From here, the possibilities are endless as you can head up the path into Burbank, or downstream toward downtown, where you could make a detour onto the scenic Red Car Corralitas Trail.

Red Car Mural | Photo: Eric Brightwell
Red Car Corralitas Trail | Photo: Eric Brightwell

How do you play the L.A. River at Red Car River Park? Tell us here.

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