Reseda Park



Play the L.A. River is a come-one-come-all project by the arts collective Project 51 -- a collective of L.A. River-loving artists, designers, planners, writers, educators -- that invites Angelenos to explore, enjoy, reclaim, and reimagine the mighty L.A. River as a grand civic space that can green and connect our communities.


CARD: 4 of Valley

SITE: 18411 Victory Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91335

You'll find dozens of ways to enjoy this fully loaded park and rec center. Shade trees galore and a duck-happy lake and a handy foot bridge.

Let's see how folks have played here:

There's so much going on here that it's pretty hard to pick what to do first, but the best part is just sitting and enjoying the ducks and geese on the pond. It's a great, secret place to contemplate. --Carren Jao, writer

How do you play the L.A. River at Reseda Park? Tell us by leaving a comment below, or here.

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