Richard Liu - Architect And Designer

Architect and interior designer Richard Liu has been an essential part of the revitalization of Chinatown. He has bridged the dialogue between old residents and developers, plus invested his own personal time and money on the restoration of Chinatown's Main Plaza, including the offices and residence of pioneering Chinese American lawyer Y.C. Hong, the original Phoenix Bakery and the location of Chinatown's historical punk rock hangout, the Hong Kong Cafe.

Inclination for Preservation

"Richard's passion for architecture and interest in Chinatown began his involvement with preservation in the area."

The History of the Buildings

"As the second owner since 1938, Richard can attest to histories of many buildings in the area."

Resistance to Change

"Change is hard for residents because of the difference of opinion within multiple generations."

The Art Galleries

"Art galleries are not of the same mindset as the rest of Chinatown in terms of generating business for the community."


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