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Congratulations to Billy Savage for winning the "How Do You Skate the City" contest with his story on downhill skating. Savage came to the KCET studio lot and brought along his Dogtown skateboard circa 1978, a perfect match for his prize, a new Santa Monica Airlines board designed by Zephyr co-founder Skip Engblom. Dogtown Skateboards was founded by former Zephyr skate team member Jim Muir in 1977. We thank all of those who shared their skateboarding stories and still encourage you to contribute yours.

From Billy Savage's Riding Relentless:

I'm old, scarred and banged-up from skating. Now in my late-40s, I still get skate (a little) and regularly embarrass myself in front of new generations of skaters. I've been at it for well more than three decades and the sad truth is, I've just never been very good... but that never stopped me from having a total blast. This weekend I just had another birthday, and I simply asked my wife for some time on my 'special day' to skate. For a quick rush, I sometimes hike the trails of Griffith Park and skate down the road from the Observatory. I decided I'd do just that for my birthday... I blew past them, gnats collecting on my teeth as I couldn't contain my smile.

Co-founder of Zephyr Productions Skip Engblom was interviewed for the Departures installment on Venice. He currently owns and runs the skateboard company, Santa Monica Airlines (SMA).

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