Robbie Conal: Guerrilla Poster Artist

If you live in Los Angeles, you might not realize that you are familiar with the work of Robbie Conal. Plastered all over the city's walls are Conal's iconic images and visual-one-liners concerning politics, power, and the people who abuse both. Conal moved from San Francisco to Venice looking for the large megaphone of a media town and found it. With his dedicated "volunteer guerrilla poster army" Conal has turned L.A.'s public spaces into his own personal gallery, hoping to generate moments of thought, reflection and inquiry about our current state of affairs.


National Broadcast Center
"No matter what I did in San Francisco, the ripple effect would stop, but it wouldn't be the 'national broadcast center' that is Los Angeles."


The People's Republic
"It was kind of like perfect and rich soil for me. I could just think anything in Venice. To me it was like magical."



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