Robert Garcia


Robert Garcia is at the forefront of an environmental justice movement concerned with Los Angeles' legal and physical deficiencies when it comes to access to green space. The City Project, which he founded, works to hold city and state officials accountable for the mismanagement of natural resources, and also creates strategic campaigns to shape a public policy geared towards serving communities of color. A civil rights advocate for the 21st century, Garcia understands the role that public space plays in shaping both our histories and our experience of the urban. Departures sat down with Robert Garcia on the east bank of the Los Feliz narrows to talk to him about the current status of public lands along the river, possible ways to use them in the future, and the fact that many of Los Angeles' most underrepresented communities lie along the river.

Below are several audio clips of Robert Garcia, Executive Director of The City Project, discussing park space and urban development.

Parks and the Environment

Robert Garcia talks of the importance of green space in urban environments to give children exposure to nature even in inner city living.

Community Alliances

The City Project has combined efforts with numerous community groups to revitalize the river.

Heritage Parkscape

The City Project has been working to reflect the diversity of Los Angeles through monuments along the river.

Griffith Park

Garcia and his team are working to transform a poorly used 28-acre plot of land on the East side of the river into "the next great urban park" in Los Angeles.

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