Robin Murez: Resident

Robin Murez resides in the last green space on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Ironically, along a street lined with decadent shops and gourmet restaurants, sits an open studio space behind a protective chain link fence. Mosaics composed on cement balls titled "Ballpark Project", statues made from found objects, and ornate glass sculptures sit among the rough patches of grass and short palm trees scattered through the yard. Her ideas are fantastic and wild, but conceived as a way to unify the locals through what she deems "public" art.


Pursuing Public Art
"There was so much of a survival mentality here that people were not able to think about their space as being beautiful."


Eclectic Unity
"Every neighborhood in Venice will have its own park and each of the parks will have a ball with a logo for that neighborhood. Each neighborhood can then have some sort of neighborhood identification and Venice as a whole will have this eclectic unity. "


Love Venice?
"I recently picked up surfing, and that I think is enabling me to love Venice. I realized that this is how I can easily be out in nature and be completely immersed by it in a way that I love."



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