Sabrina Drill & Camm Swift: Observing the River Fish Species

River enthusiasts and biologists Sabrina Drill and Camm Swift experience the river differently than most Angelenos. Their knowledge of the species in and around the river allows them to navigate freely through areas that might otherwise go overlooked.

Through the University of California Cooperative Extension, Sabrina Drill is the Natural Resources Advisor for Los Angeles and Ventura. As a grad student with the Watershed Council, she worked on locating where wetlands occur and later evaluated the cause and effect of people fishing along the Los Angeles River. More recently Drill has studied fish species in channelized portions of the river with FoLAR (Friends of the LA River).

Camm Swift is an Ichthyologist, fishery biologist, Emeritus at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and Senior Project Scientist for Entrix, Inc. He has sampled and evaluated the native fish populations along the river and nearby tributaries.

Student Producer Mike Cadena interviewed him. Click here to read about his impressions.

Below are several videos of biologists Sabrina Drill and Camm Swift discussing the biological aspects of the river and the many species of fish that reside within the watershed.


Water Purity
An explanation of a study that tests the water purity in the river.


Revitalization & Olmstead
An overview of the revitalization plan.


A classification of the various fish species in the river.


An overview of steelhead fish.


Native vs Non-Native
A discussion of native and non-native species in the river.



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