South Robertson: A Collection of Neighborhoods

Sandwiched between Beverly Hills to the north and Culver City to the south, SORO (South Robertson) is in many ways a gateway -- not only between those two booming cities, but also between L.A.'s Westside and Mid City areas. Diverse in ethnicity, religion, and economic status, the residents of SORO nevertheless find strength in coexistence and cooperation.

SORO notably contains sizable Orthodox Jewish, Coptic Christian, and western Sikh communities, often sharing resources and public spaces. SORO is roughly 50% White, 25% Hispanic, with the remainder largely African-American and Asian. Areas with low household income directly abut those with wealthy homes. Some areas flourish while crime and gang activity continue to be a stubborn problems in others.

The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (one of nearly a hundred chartered councils in the City) has become adept at serving these various constituencies. Formally chartered in 2002, SORO NC has evolved into one of the most innovative councils in the City. SORO NC views itself as a collective voice for the distinct neighborhoods, organizations, businesses and other stakeholders within its boundaries. Yet difficulties with local schools, changes to SORO's transportation infrastructure, planned increases in housing density, and a stagnating commercial strip along Robertson Boulevard present ongoing challenges that require the entire community to overcome.

Formation of South Robertson
Doug Fitzsimmons, President of SORO Neighborhoods Council, explains how South Robertson became a neighborhood.


Neighborhood Councils
Doug Fitzsimmons on how South Robertson was a model for the Los Angeles neighborhood council system.


Roberston as a Business Corridor
Doug Fitzsimmons on what it will take to turn Robertson into a business corridor such as its counterpart, Pico.


Common Ground, Different Perspectives
Doug Fitzsimmons on how the various ethnic and religious groups can come together to share a common space.


Reconnecting to Los Angeles
Doug Fitzsimmons explains why South Robertson has been isolated from Los Angeles and its surrounding communities.


A Perfect Day
Doug Fitzsimmons, President of SORO Neighborhoods Council, describes what a perfect day in South Robertson would be for him.

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