Susan Dickson: Teacher And Community Activist

Ms. Susan Dickson is a fifth grade teacher at Castelar Elementary School. Having taught for over two decades, she has seen the changing face of Chinatown through the eyes of her ten year olds. Dickson has created an elaborate curricula that adapts state standards to the socio-cultural realities of her students. Some of her school projects, which include participation from parents and grandparents, explore the personal and public histories of Chinatown, such as the "Young People's Guide to Chinatown," which she explains in this interview. Susan Dickson's involvement in the Chinese community, however, is not limited to her work as an educator; she has been part of virtually every Chinese American organization in Los Angeles leaving an undeniable mark on the community.


On Being a School Teacher
"Susan Dickson describes her entry in the Chinatown as a white teacher and the sense of belonging she feels within that community."


About Multicultural Education
"Susan Dickson talks about the Americanization of the new Chinese American generations and the importance of maintaining the Chinese traditions. "It takes a village to raise a child."


The Two Chinatowns
"Susan Dickson discusses what makes old Chinatown unique despite all the changes it's been through."



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