Swami X: Stand-Up Comedy on the Boardwalk

Swami X belongs to an older generation of boardwalk performers from the 1970's. During that time he concerned himself less with making a dollar and more with scoring a girl. He once flowed poetic one liners soaked in sexual revelry, often participating in political animosity. While performing, he felt his intellect was on display and poetry on the boardwalk was more than a mere gimmick as he feels the boardwalk has become. He once drew crowds of fans, among them, the young present mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. The development surge of Marina del Rey in the late seventies, has turned him from entertainer to spectacle, and while he remains Swami X, the boardwalk has replaced it's raw performers with a more polished clientele. He retired in 1985.


Vow of Silence
I used to do stand up comedy for about twenty years. For me it was reentry into humanity, reentry into interacting with people because my mother split when I was twelve. I was disenchanted with life and people so I took a vow of silence.


Drawn to Life
"They are drawn to the life. The pilgrims were drawn to life in this country, and the Indians were live people, they loved life, they loved the earth, and they loved each other. The white man came over and wiped them out."


A Public Service
Bill Rosendahl - who's opened his home to me for the last thirty years - is a councilman. He persuaded the mayor to come down to present at Beyond Baroque a recognition of my public service.



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