Telic Arts & The Public School - Sean Dockray And Fiona Whitton

Telic Arts Exchange is an experimental not-for-profit art space founded by Fiona Whitton and Sean Dockray. All of Telic Arts' programs and projects are participatory in nature. Their "Distributed Gallery" invites viewers to walk around Chinatown to view media in different venues, including Ooga Booga, Fong's and Via Cafe, recontextualizing not only the idea of the gallery space, but Chinatown itself. Similarly, their flagship project The Public School - a school with no curriculum - invites community members to propose, teach and take classes in open academic "free-for-all" sessions, where participants can study subjects as diverse as Walter Benjamin's Arcade Project, Urban Foraging and Chicano Muralism. Just as the punk invasion brought new life to Chinatown in the 1980's, spaces like Telic Arts Exchange breathe new life to the area, providing much needed alternative cultural expressions in Los Angeles.


The Public School

"Rotating curriculum and 'homemade' classes contribute to many unique ways of learning that are part of the growing art project."

The Distributed Gallery

"Interactive installations are just some of the curious exhibits provided by Telic in Chinatown."

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