The Birth of the Chinese American Museum

After almost three decades of dedicated effort by community leaders including Munson A. Kwok, whom we spoke to in this series, the Chinese American Museum opened its doors in 2003. Housed in one the oldest surviving structures of Old Chinatown - the Garnier Building - we had the chance to sit with Pauline Wong, the museum's current Executive Director, and speak about the institution's history, programming and outreach programs, as well as the future relevance of ethnic-centered cultural institutions.


The Birth of the Chinese Museum
"Beginning with tours of the area and an empty building, curators, leaders, and historians decided to make a plan."


Eminent Domain and the History of Chinatown
"Longevity of the Garnier Building marks a wealth of history from Old Chinatown."


El Pueblo's Historical Mission
"El Pueblo's mandate and the need for more specific museums relate to the different ethnic populations in Los Angeles."



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