The History and Future of the L.A. River with Shelly Backlar, FoLAR

Executive Director of Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR)--the organization founded by Lewis McAdams--Shelly Backlar and the rest of the organization is committed to restoring the Los Angeles River and creating awareness throughout the community through education and advocacy. Recognizing that the river and the city should and can coexist, among FoLAR's goals are creating a LA River Conservancy and to protect the bridges of the river by getting them recognized on the National Historic Registry. While it has many longterm plans, in its 25 years, FoLAR has already seen numerous victories in protecting and revitalizing the river.

Student Producers Marcela and Erendira interviewed him. Click here to read about Marcela's impressions; click here to read about Erendira's impressions.

Below are four videos of Shelly Backlar, Executive Director of FoLAR, discussing the history and future revitalization of the Los Angeles River. 



Egret Park

A historical overview of Egret Park.



How the LA River evolved during the 20th Century. 


History of the River

An historical overview of the LA River.


The Master Plan

An overview of the LA River Revitalization Plan.


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