The New Compton

Back in 1984, before the crack cocaine epidemic hit the inner city and the gang wars between the Bloods and the Crips had reached a tipping point, the Rand Corporation had already declared the city of Compton a "disaster area." In the years that followed, Compton was crowned with the highest per-capita murder rate in country - an image perpetuated by the famous Compton based hip-hop band N.W.A and the mainstream popularity and acceptance of gangster rap. Tensions escalated (and culminated) with the Rodney King Uprising, which left more than 50 people dead and forced the city to reflect upon its future. Looking back at those brutal years seem like at eternity now because Compton is experiencing a re-birth thanks in part to the perseverance and vision of some of its residents and political figures. Compton and its leaders are imagining a new city for their future - Richland Farms and Creek are now doubt at the center of their plans.

Future & Perception
Turning Richland Farms into a gated community would be an improvement.


What is Ahead
"Will the houses in Richland Farms be on the same level as the other houses in Compton? No. Because it's an organized community. Its a united, working, caring community."


A Model for the Future
"Richland Farms has no sidewalks."


Looking Ahead
"We would like to maintain the integrity of Richland Farms, just as it is."


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