The York Gastropub

The building that houses The York has been a neighborhood fixture in Highland Park since the days of the streetcars, changing over time from a retail store to a family restaurant to today's hip gastropub. Five years ago owner Ryan Ballinger, a native Angeleno, saw an opportunity in the dearth of food and entertainment in the area. He and his business partner rejuvenated the restaurant's original interior, using the original furniture but giving it an upgraded, more stylish look.

Ballinger works with neighboring businesses to support transportation initiatives and, as a future Highland Park homeowner, looks forward to growth in the area's social amenities. With an eye on growing the neighborhood's historically vibrant business district, he strives to service the needs of local residents first and not rely on the often unreliable business of outsiders. He hopes to continue to serve the needs of the immediate community while taking advantage of Highland Park's increased visibility in Los Angeles.

Photo by Flickr user suzieQstrong, used under a Creative Commons license.


A Historic Future
Ryan Ballinger, co-owner of The York gastropub, recounts his personal history with the bar, how he came to own and refurbish the Highland Park establishment.


Owner Ryan Ballinger describes the growing demands for business in a transitioning neighborhood like Highland Park.

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