Tim Rudnick and the Oceanarium: A Traveling Aquarium

Tim Rudnick of Venice is akin to a modern day version of 'Doc', of John Steinbeck's Cannery Row. Rudnick's Venice Oceanarium at the Venice Pier is a makeshift presentation on a portable table with over 25 years worth of collected specimens. There you will find jars of foggy water and gelatinous, bony, sometimes geometric shapes that seem to come alive as he describes them. He indulges those who cross his path about sand, miafauna, and ocean life. His knowledge of marine biology is extensive and only continues to increase as Rudnick digs through breakwater in search of new organisms to study and provide demonstration. By living just a few blocks away from the beach, Rudnick can explore the ocean's edge as if it were a laboratory set up in his backyard.


The Oceanarium
"Venice is a place that offers tranquility and beauty and it less than half an hour from downtown LA."


At the Beach
"I think we belong at the beach, I think we evolved as coastal scavengers..."


The Jellyfish
"I was sitting there in the sand feeling sorta forlorn, watching planes go off in the sky from LAX and thinking Ed is off to romantic Tahiti while I am stuck here in Venice. I looked down and see this jellyfish laying on the sand."


"If you want to clean up the beach, forget about the beach, clean up the alleys."



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