Tommy Thai - Chinatown Service Center Youth Council

Written by student producer Ivan Wu

Tommy Thai has lived in Chinatown for most of his life with his mother, father, and two older sisters. Tommy knows Chinatown very well. He volunteers at several events and festivals held in Chinatown; he participates in Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA), a group of high school students who train for running the L.A. Marathon; he also plays basketball at Alpine Park. Despite his active involvement in his community, Tommy loves to stay home and hang out with his friends. His home is a small, two room apartment. I interviewed Tommy, who is also an amazing artist. We usually gather together at Tommy's house on the weekends, watch movies, play video games, and joke around.

My Room
"Everyone's house is special to them. It's where you go when you're mad or depressed or anything"


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