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What the Community Says: Highland Park & The Arroyo Seco

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"It was a thrill for me as a child to come to the big city from Claremont to visit my grandparents who built their home at 6163 Mesa Avenue in Highland Park in 1913." - Departures Contributor, Linda Scher-Padilla

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In anticipation for the Departures' Highland Park installment, currently in development, we asked what community members found culturally or historically important to the area.You can help shape our narrative with submissions, like the ones seen below, that define "the best" of Highland Park or provide insight of personal experience in the area. We'd love for you to share your stories of Highland Park by submitting what you find significant.

Matthew Williams says
"Right about now, I'm really missing Highland Park. La Abeja is the best Mexican breakfast I can now only dream of. Antigua Coffee is the coolest coffee place, started by my man Yancey who brings coffee from his family's plantation in Guatemala...he is now opening a roasting company next door where they will have workshops for the public."

Josef Bray-Ali says
"...Regarding the Arroyo Seco region, you would be remiss if you did not talk about the devastating effects 50+ years of auto-centric design have brought to the area."

Chuck Weiss says
"Not sure of the exact address, but the house where Hollywood 10 blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo is located on Tipton Ave, just off of Figueroa. My mom, as a teenager, was Trumbo's typist and she worked at his house where he would dictate his novels and screenplays to her while she typed away. I know the house, I just don't remember the exact address, although I could find it by driving pass the area. I was just a 4-year-old at the time, and we lived in "Skunk Hollow" between Figueroa and the Arroyo Seco Parkway."

Anonymous says
"Folliero's in Highland Park. Excellent pizza that's been there for ages! Also, Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock is THE BEST, most eclectic and diverse gallery in the NELA Artwalk. El Huarache Azteca in Highland Park serves the most authentic Mexican cuisine around NELA."

CE Mykytyn says
"The Dual Language program at Aldama (just in its 3rd year) is not only an academic jewel in our community drawing waitlists and parents camping out early in the morning on sign-up day, but also is a innovative way to bring the diverse communities together. Teaching students in both English and Spanish, the DL program is a flagship in LAUSD and a hugely successful labor of love on the part of Highland Park residents.
Looking forward to seeing this documentary!!!!"

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