What the Community Says: Leimert Park


As part of our exploration of Leimert Park, we asked our readers to submit their stories and memories of the neighborhood and its surrounding areas. These first hand accounts will help us tell the story of a neighborhood born in the 1920s as a planned community designed by the Olmsted Brothers, and for the past several decades has been considered a hub of African American arts and culture.

You can help shape our narrative by sharing your stories, like the ones seen below, that tell your personal experiences in the area, provide insight, or define "the best" of Leimert Park. We'd love to hear from you!

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Now let's hear what the community has to say:

Trevor says:

S-Dub says:

Dale Fielder says:


Rhonda Cobb says:

Damaris Bernard says:

Kwaku Person-Lynn says:

Nichelle Monroe says:

What is your Leimert Park story? Tell us here.

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