William D. Estrada: Chinese Laborers, Old Chinatown and the Produce Industry

William D. Estrada is a 20th century historian for a 21st century Los Angeles. Curator of California and American History and Chair of the History Department for the Natural History Museum, Dr. Estrada has become a key biographer of Los Angeles' early beginnings. Estrada's influential book, The Los Angeles Plaza, uncovers the city's multi-ethnic roots from indigenous and colonial times to present-day Los Angeles, weaving together a common narrative based on personal stories, news clipping and diaries about the heart of Los Angeles. His insights about Chinese laborers, Old Chinatown and the produce industry challenge many preconceptions about the role of Chinese Americans in Los Angeles.


History & Los Angeles
"William D. Estrada shares his knowledge about the history of L.A. and its relation to historic preservation."


Chinese Migration, Gold & Railroads
"William D. Estrada breaks down the demographics of the men who were responsible for building the early Railroads."


On Discrimination
"William D. Estrada describes the Exclusion Act as being one of the first discriminatory laws in the U.S targeting a particular ethnic group."


The Story of Old Chinatown & Union Station
"William D. Estrada sheds light on the growth and changes that occurred throughout Old and New Chinatown."



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