Yvonne Arceneaux - Councilwoman 3rd District

Yvonne Arceneaux has served as a councilwoman in District 3, Richland Farms since 1993. She and her husband live on a half-acre lot and have raised ducks, donkeys and chickens. Although Arceneaux strongly advocates the continued protection of the agriculture zoning that has preserved Richland Farms, she has witnessed the overcrowding of livestock and illegal subdivision of property. She has been criticized for enforcing regulations, but is frustrated with the abusive behavior afforded by the current zoning and fears a greater backlash in years to come.

Idyllic Richland Farms of the Past
Richland Farms plays host to a number of different foods and animals.


IFarm Life & 4H Club
"The 4H club is an agricultural program where children can come in and raise animals."


Politics & Regulation of Land
"Many other cities are not allowing horses to be raised in their communities... and we still do that in the farms. It's a very unique community."


"Landowners that don't live there see it differently... They don't maintain it."


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