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Behind the Scenes of 'Doc Martin' Season 5

One of the highlights of 2011 for me was a mid-summer trip to Cornwall, England, the region where KCET's hit series "Doc Martin" is filmed (read about that trip here).

Martin Clunes, who stars as Doctor Martin Ellingham, and producer Philippa Braithwaite (Clunes' wife) approved a behind-the-scenes visit. Forget the eleven hour plane ride, followed by a nearly six hour train ride to get to this beautiful area of England -- it was all worth it. I loved spending time with the amazing cast. And walking through the narrow winding lanes of Port Isaac (or 'Portwenn' as it's known on the TV show) was a treat I'll never forget.

We've created eight stories about the making of "Doc Martin" season 5. The new episodes will start airing in April, 2012, but we'll premiere one behind-the-scenes story every week at over the next two months. And as a reminder, you can always see "Doc Martin" in southern California exclusively on KCET - Thursday nights at 8:00 P.M.

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The Apple Doesn't Fall

Season 3, Episode 3:

Portwenn has a new police officer following the departure of Mark Mylow. His replacement is PC Joseph Penhale, who has an odd affliction that causes him to suddenly fall asleep at inopportune times. The doctor discovers that he has narcolepsy brought on years ago by a kick to the head from a horse.

Meanwhile, village plumber Bert Large is having a midlife crisis. His son Al has left the village to travel the globe and Bert feels left out in the cold.






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Season 3, Episode 4

Bert Large could be the man to put Portwenn on the culinary map. Dissatisfied with his lot in life, Bert abandons his plumbing business to open a restaurant. But as with his previous enterprises, the new venture is fraught with problems. To make matters worse, the doctor's office is inundated with his patrons complaining of symptoms of food poisoning.







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City Slickers

Season 3, Episode 5:

The Oakwoods, a family of city slickers seeking a new life by the sea, set out to disrupt the tranquility of Portwenn. They manage to crash an intimate dinner Louisa has prepared for Martin. With his romantic evening ruined, the disgruntled doctor makes a hasty exit, leaving Louisa to deal with the neighbors from hell.

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The Admirer

Season 3, Episode 6:

Louisa Glasson is furious to discover she has a rival for Doc Martin's affections: glamorous divorcee and hotel owner Carrie Wilson. Can Louisa contain her jealously and claim Martin as her man before Carrie's flirty tactics take effect?

On his way to PC Penhale's birthday party, Martin accidentally runs over and kills Carrie's dog. Carrie is distraught by the death of her pet and slaps Martin across the face when he hands her the lifeless pooch apologetically.





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