doc martin season 8

Behind the Scenes of 'Doc Martin' Season 8: Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin

Caroline Quentin, who plays Angela Sim, speaks about her friendship with actor Martin Clunes, and her character's role in season eight. The pair also gush about their affection for dogs. 

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Always on My Mind

Season 2, Episode 5:

Phil Pratt accuses Doc Martin of killing his wife Helen when he comes to their house to treat her. He regrets his choice of words when a horrific accident on the farm leaves him in desperate need of the doctor to save his life.

A new teacher at Portwenn primary school visits the doctor to find a remedy for her sore hands. Doc decides to treat her for another ailment altogether when he realizes that Tricia is showing all the signs of obsessive compulsive disorder.

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The Family Way

Season 2, Episode 6:

Doc Martin's parents, whom he hasn't spoken to in seven years, pay him a surprise visit from Portugal. Although caught off guard, he does his best to welcome them to his home, even after his father sneers at his decision to become a small town doctor.

Christopher Ellingham is nothing like his son. The suave surgeon soon captivates the villagers with his charisma. But his wife Margaret is oddly quiet and reserved. Martin worries that she might be ill.






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Out of the Woods

Season 2, Episode 7:

PC Mark Mylow can't persuade Doc Martin to be his best man so Al Large steps in for the job. The bachelor weekend - a camping trip - goes wrong when an snake bites Mark's ankle and he suffers a potentially fatal allergic reaction. Meanwhile, the doc deals with a spate of poisonous weever fish stings among teenage boys playing a dangerous game of truth or dare.







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Season 2, Episode 8: Season Finale

A Salvation Army member arrives in Portwenn to try to trace a missing woman named Emma Lewis. Meanwhile, Danny's near-death experience with a collapsed lung has made him appreciate how precious life is, and in particular, how special his relationship with Louisa is to him.

Mylow is busy making final preparations for his wedding until his routine medical exam has a shock result.

And somehow this all brings us toward a moment we've been waiting for since the first episode of "Doc Martin," and it looks like this...

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