doc martin season 8

Midwife Crisis

Season 4, Episode 6

Martin and Louisa's new midwife don't exactly see eye-to-eye when it comes to baby care. In fact, Martin is dismissive of her profession.

The doc's cognitive behavioral exercises to overcome his blood phobia have been paying off; he's able to draw blood from P.C. Penhale without filching. Martin visits aunt Joan at her farm and breaks the news that he intends to become a surgeon in London again. She's supportive, but urges him to tell Louisa. He misses his chance when Louisa overhears Edith congratulating him that he got the job.

Martin and midwife Molly have their final stand-off when Louisa develops a temperature, which Molly tries to sooth with herbal remedies. The doctor is furious when he discovers this because he believes that Molly's homespun ideas are seriously endangering Louisa's health.







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The Shock of the New

Louisa's return further raises questions around their relationship: in order to stay together, perhaps they need to spend more time apart, living in separate houses until they have worked through their issues. If anyone is going to be able to help Martin change, it may be Dr. Rachel Timoney. With her return to school imminent, Louisa also has to find a new babysitter to look after James Henry, and reluctantly decides to offer Janice a trial.

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It's Good to Talk

Martin has decided he will be the one to move out of the Surgery to allow Louisa the space she needs, which she does really appreciate. Louisa is intrigued to meet Martin's therapist, Dr. Rachel Timoney, but is not quite so happy when Rachel suggests that they should have therapy as a couple, instead of Martin having it on his own. Aunt Ruth, however, manages to persuade Louisa that being a part of it will allow her a chance to defend herself if she needs to. Mrs.

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Education, Education, Education

Louisa and Martin have their first therapy session together -- though neither of them was expecting that they would be given homework. Peter Cronk, now 15, approaches Louisa to ask if Martin will allow him to do work experience at the Surgery. Louisa is surprised, and impressed, when Martin agrees to this: perhaps he is learning to change after all. Morwenna is not quite so happy about it when Peter starts trying to boss her around in the Surgery.

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Martin reaches his breaking point with being followed around by Buddy: he resolves to find a vet to have him put down. Morwenna, and eventually Louisa, manage to persuade him that it isn't quite that simple - a vet will not put down a healthy dog just on Martin's say-so. They intervene and find a new home for Buddy with Angela Sim, a local vet, though Martin will have to take him there himself. Martin is not impressed by Angela's alternative approaches to medicine, even if it is veterinary medicine, but at least he has managed to offload Buddy onto her.

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